Trama: indústria criativa em revista ISSN 2447-7516, Vol. 7, No 1 (2019)

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Resenha: Série da Netflix “Abstract” Da ponta do pincel à forja: oito viagens sobre as intenções e o fazer criativo

Michael Swoboda


As Design, and the increasingly permeating role that it has in our lives — continues to enjoy a growing profile across so many professions and activities — high quality documentaries have been produced to satiate a broadening public thirst for discourses in this arena. Netflix has done its part in the eight-episode series Abstract: The Art of Design — taking the viewer on an unconventionally wide-ranged cuisine starting with illustration and passing through such subjects as automotive design, interior design, footwear design, and stage-set design — while including the expected topics of architecture, graphic design, and photography.

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ISSN 2447-7516